On Monday, the 30th of April, iiINTERest held its annual general assembly. Søren Jeppesen, Gitte Falk, Poul Daugbjerg, Bodil Faber and Frants Christensen were all re-elected to the board, and they can look forward to another exciting year in the association. Among other things, the general assembly reported on the past year in our small association, and here the chairman of the board, Søren Jeppesen, gave an update on how the projects are doing, and what plans and ambitions the board has for the future. Besides the positive fact that our projects continue to enjoy a great deal of support from the villagers, our partner, Ahead Initiatives, has received a considerable amount of attention during the past year both from the Indian press and the authorities, who are pleased to see the positive results that our projects bring about. Moreover, our handicraft project was launched in 2018. The aim of the project is to provide support and training to local craftsmen and young women without education. So far, the project is located in Tantipara, a village that for centuries has gained its living from the production of handmade silk fabrics used for saris and other traditional garments.

Between October 2018 and March 2019, Bodil Faber and Gitte Falk has held two workshops with artisans, all dealing with different sub-processes of the silk production, as well as with young women without education who want to learn a handicraft. You can read all of this and more in our annual report, which you will find here.