To fight poverty
Improve poor people’s food security by establishing kitchen gardens and grain-banks, cultivating common areas etc. This seeks to fence against malnutrition and starvation.

Savings and lending schemes help the poor acquire livestock or start small businesses.

To educate and disseminate
Enable the poorest to use their local government bodies as an institutional tool to achieve their rights to development and decent living conditions.

Create a supplement to the existing education of children and young people, taking point of department in the local conditions and helping them to a better future.

Restore respect for and knowledge of local cultures as a prerequisite for all groups to be part of the community.

To develop local ownership
Form Self-Help Groups and Activity Groups that create a shared responsibility, and seek to strengthen local responsibility for joint development that benefits the poorest.

Involve the local government bodies and work with them to build responsibility for improving the living conditions of the poor.

For more information on how our aims are implemented in practice, read the subsections on projects and programme.

Below is a film from our project areas. The film was produced in 2022 in collaboration with AHEAD Initiatives.